Holiday Gift Guide.

Let me help you?

For the Readers.

Gentlewomen Magazine subscription 


This aesthetically appealing magazine covers personal style, photography and everything woman. Can be used as a coffee table book too. Follow this link for the US subscription.


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

by Yuval Noah Harari



What is this book about? ….i mean the title. You pick up habits from your old lovers, I picked up the habit of reading before bed from mine. I got the book while i was in London last spring and finally finished it. The delay might have been because of Lang Leav, the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe, and Korean soap operas.



South of the Border, West of the Sun

by Haruki Murakami




This book is currently in my “save for later” cart in Amazon, i’m waiting till i finish my other books first. But i’ve had so many people recommend this book, if you beat me to it then let me know how it is? Get it here.





For the Beauty Junkies. 

             Products i’m using or have used and that are well loved by me.

Biologique Recherché P50 Lotion




It’s a cult product for a reason. I’m on my second bottle. Buy it. It’s a french brand and there are different vendors online for the US market but i get my Biologique Recherché products from Spa Rescue.





Mason Pearson HairbrushScreen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.21.57 PM.png

You would think that I an Asian women would have that fine silky hair right? Well you thought wrong. Listen i was raised by a single dad so you can imagine the hair brushing session that my dad would give me. Ever since i’ve been able to do my own hair, i’ve tired all sorts of brushes. I stuck with tangle teaser for the longest time and just recently i switched over to this hairbrush. I have the pocket size and it goes with me everywhere. Get it here or at Ricky’s. They have different sizes and bristles to better accommodate different hair types.


Chanel Lipstick in #56

Every woman needs a red lipstick in her makeup collection. Get it here


For the home bodies. me.

Diptyque Candles





I have previosuly left this candle burning for 5 hours straight and by the end only little has perished. My favorite is the Pomander- a spicy scent. Once it’s done, I use the empty jars are brush holder or plant pots. Get it here.







My bestie Chi got me the Sabrina Arnault La Nageuse Art Print as a early christmas gift & i’m obsessed! The Fulmer print is on my buy list because it reminds me so much of Hokusai’s work. You would be a fool if  the Great Wave off Kanazawa is the only Hokusai piece you know.

Also, if you find a artist online and you like their work then you can always message them for commission work, i’m in the midst of buy one by doing this.

Buy Sabrina Arnault La Nageuse Art PrintKym Fulmer Crashing Waves Art Print.



Right now i’m in the 70’s home decor phase, i don’t know how long it will last or how big of a dent it will leave in my bank account. Get it here I’m planning on selling my soul to the devil but oh wait…


Muji Humidifier



The heating is going to dry out your skin! So! use! a! humidifier! This with a few drops of the Lemongrass essential oil…wait! let me quote my roommate “it smells like we’re in a spa”. Also it has 2 light settings and i’m embarrassed to admit this but if i’m sleeping alone then i need a night light, and the second light setting is just dim and light enough for me. Get it here.



Bits and Bobs. 

Louis Vuitton Transatlantic collection


I sold my soul to the devil for this.  Every September, LV comes up with new illustration and this one has to be my favorite one so far. The collection slipped my mind and just recently i remembered but it’s completely sold out in the US. I have the Chanel long wallet thats was dear to my heart, it’s just too big and old for me. I did my research online and found a reseller who was selling a brand new piece, i paid a little bit more then the retail price but i think it’s well worth it. Another reseller here.


Billy! Gold Custom Tag Necklace



I was interning at Finn New York just until yesterday. During my time there i created content for them and instead of cash compensation i asked for this necklace. This has to be my favorite piece of jewelry after my heirloom bracelet. Get it here!








Ok, i know its considered like the worst gift you can give but these socks are so cute and sparkly!  Sorry for the weird picture of my foot but i wanted to show you how i style it. Also I’m pretty sure that socks have a secret place where they all go to hide from us. So more the merrier!  Choose your favorite here.

Have fun giving and more importantly getting!


Low key not.






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